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The highest technologies, Safety and Professionalism – those are three main rules of pedicure experts, who use special equipment for pedicure in their work in Lviv beauty salon “Premium Relax Club”.
The procedure is carried out with a help of the newest equipment IONTO-CONED.
This equipment is special for its advantages, there’s no dust while it works. The technology of cutters location rules out possible injuring and burning of young and delicate skin. Rough and dry skin is evenly removed, and built-in cooling spray makes procedure pleasant and painless.
The equipment of such a high level, you can find only in “Premium Relax Club”.
The second reason to entrust your feet and legs to experts of “Premium Relax Club” is extremely severe requirements to safety of all procedures.
All instrumentation, tools and all surfaces are chemicalized after every individual procedure with the following detergents: Deskosal, Descoton forte, Desco Bohrerbad (kills AIDS virus after 15 minutes) Descosept AF.
Besides, instruments and tools are additionally thermally sterilized in Geriotti equipment at a temperature of 180 degrees.
Tools are kept in UV-ambry.
All procedures are carried out with a help of expendable masks, gloves, slippers, coverlets and towels.
We can confidently say that those measures are enough to guarantee the highest level of safety of all cosmetical procedures to our clients.
However, the professionalism of the experts is the main advantage in our work. There work only real professionals and masters of their craft in “Premium Relax Club”.
They are: expert Natalia Vas’ko, who completed studies in educational center “Cosmotrade”, studied the following programs:
“High technologies in ingrown nails treatment”,
“Equipment for pedicure SUDA”
“Ingrown nail correction with a help of BS-bases”
She took part in Gehwol seminar, which has more then 150 years experience in feet and legs care.
Expert Alla Kider,
prize winner of Ukrainian Qualifying Competition of Hairdressing Art and Nail Estate “Championship of the West 2010” she took honorary third place in nomination of nail art. Also prize winner of “Championship of the South 2010” in nomination “salon acrylic French manicure” she the took second place.
She was trained at leading experts of Ukraine.

Pedicure (female) 90 420
Nail Polishing 10 25
Nail Polish Removal 10 15
Healing Nail Polish Covering 10 25
Covering with Base Nail Polish 5 15
Covering with Top Nail Polish 5 20
SHELLAC Gel Сovering 40 250
Gel SHELLAC Removal 20 60
KODI Gel Nail Covering 40 250
VINYLUX Nail Covering 20 80
Pedicure (male) 90 470