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Therapeutic Services for Hands and Feet

Therapeutic Services for Hands and Feet

Ingrown nail treatment

“Ingrown nail” is widely known to be very unpleasant and painful thing. Such is the custom, that in standard medicine practice the question of such a problem stays out: usually, if person has an ingrown nail, traditional way out will be surgical treatment of nail plate and further growing of a new nail. In that case, person suffers from both ingrown nail and from a pain, which this surgical treatment causes.
But we can certainly say that there’s alternative!
“Premium Relax Club” has great experience in ingrown nail treatment.
The treatment is long-term, but it gives excellent results.
It has few steps:
1.Removing the symptoms of inflammation ( if it has place)
2.Removing of ingrown part of a nail
3.Applying and periodical change of tamponades, which prevents further ingrowing of the nail plate.
Course of treatment continues until full renewal of a nail (without any surgical interference), and it takes from 6 to 9 months.
It’s worth saying, that we have experience in work with patients, who had surgical release of a nail, which gave no positive results: young nail was still disturbing and ingrown process still had place. But, our specialists, who finished appropriate non-surgical nail treatment studies, successfully returned health and perfect look to nails.
Besides ingrown nail treatment, our experts effectively remove other cosmetical problems of the foot skin, such as: corns and clavuses. We can offer not only treatment of the present problems, but also cosmetic line, which prevents corns and clavuses, also various bandages, inner soles, footwear pads, plasters, silicone tubes for toes from Epitac firm.
For prevention and treatment of so-called “bunion” on the hallux (valgus) we have proper cosmetics of Luga Hydrogel firm.

Removal of Corns 10 80
Correction of Ingrown Toenail 25 130-250
Foot Inflammation Removal 50 140
Tamponade 10 60
Removal of Cracked Skin on the Foot (Apparatus Pedicure) 10-40 150-200
Toenail Fungus Treatment (Removal of the Toenail Plate Thickness) 10-40 10 (1 ніготь / 1 ноготь / 1 toenail)